SOUNDSGOOD is a unique light music orchestra troupe in Chennai -
"Where orchestra and music find their appropriate position and place"...
This unique light music orchestra gives you a 100% listening pleasure

SOUNDSGOOD Music Group as a Light music orchestra in Chennai, caters to all the areas of Orchestral music, Vocal music, Live classical music, Light music instrumental, Karaoke instrumental either independently or combined in a symphony orchestra format presenting thereby with a wonderful blend of good sound, making SoundsGood Light music orchestra’s performance - a pure listening pleasure.

We provide you with a treat of Best music- Best classical music, Best instrumental music, Best vocal music, Best light music, and Best light music instrumental in all regional languages.

Best songs and best forms of music are chosen by us to present in our Light music orchestra, or Light music instrumental, sometimes with a blend of Carnatic classical music, Hindustani classical music, Western Classical music too. Let it be the music of the east and the west, music catering to all age groups young and old, we give our heart & soul to each and every form of music in our orchestra.

“SoundsGood” - We always sound good in all our music performances.

About Sounds Good

SOUNDSGOOD is an Innovative Music Group; One of its kind…
Which is a cut above the rest reaching out to you.

SOUNDSGOOD is a unique music group catering to anything in music, performing light music orchestra with seasoned singers or instrumentalists, be it East, West, Carnatic, Hindustani, Film Music Indian and Western and Christian Devotional music too. SOUNDSGOOD light music orchestra desires - to touch your soul and speak to you in that sole universal language, the language of music which is not constrained by barriers of any kind (all forms of music: Carnatic music, Light music, Light music instrumental, Folk music, Devotional music and Western music).

SOUNDSGOOD Music Group is the fond child of Mrs.V.R.Archana as it’s her passion and the profession. Archana is gifted in rendering both classical music and film music, and she had started learning music from the age of seven representing the seven notes of the world music.

SOUNDSGOOD has rendered many shows in light music, Carnatic music, Hindustani classical music, Ghazals and Geet, Live light music in Chennai and other cities of India and in many countries for various occasions such as wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthday parties and other social/corporate get together events.

SOUNDSGOOD light music orchestra is at its best in delivering multi-lingual songs. The group is at home in rendering famous classical music, Carnatic and Hindustani, popular songs from Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali films and private albums in any of their light music orchestra shows. However your request should be exceptional, giving the group an optimal lead time and they would go out of their way to deliver songs in other languages of the world.


  • We are the right people for your wide choice of music requirements be it any genre.
  • Since our passion towards our profession is stronger.
  • Light Music Orchestra, Light Music Instrumental, Fusion Music, Karaokevocals or Instrumental, Carnatic, Hindustani, Light, Spiritual Sufi Music, Free Style Unplugged Indian Eastern or Western Music.
  • Think something Unique and here we are READY FOR AN INNOVATION, which keeps us always the first and the best.


To Touch Your Soul with “The Seven Colors of Music”


To Break All Barriers through “The Language of Music”


Light Music Orchestra

Light Music Orchestra consists of Musicians and Singers all Performing live. Invariably musicians of the Film Recording...


Light Music Instrumental

Invariably consisting of leading popular instrumentalist from the film fraternity are booked. Here the instrument...


Karaoke Vocals & Instrumental

This is usually the tracks which are prerecorded and with the excellence in the quality and songs usually chosen by the organizer...


Carnatic & Hindustani Music

Eminent performers of Carnatic vocals with a simple accompaniment of a Violin, Tambura, Mridangam, Ghatam...


Unplugged Vocals / instrumental

Usually Unplugged styles are with the piano and live instruments without a corded sound. Since, it is not possible...


Devotional Music in all Language

Devotional music means singing Bhajans, Abhangs, or anything in the praise of the God's name according to one's...


Instrumental Fusion

This is completely a creative session with the most professionals in the music industry and normally listeners prefer...


Spiritual / Sufi music

Sufi music is the devotional music of the Sufis, inspired by the works of Sufi poets, like Rumi, Hafiz, Bulleh Shah, Amir...


Gospel music vocals / instrumental

Gospel music is a music genre in Christian music. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel...


Ghazals & Geet

There are many forms of Shayari (Urdu poetry) — Ghazal and Nazm (Geet) are two of them. Geet is a logically evolving...


Western Instrumental and Vocals

Western music is a world of many genres and the listeners vary according to the genre - African, Asian, Blues...


The Seven Dimensions of SOUNDSGOOD

  • Do

    Discernible excellence of sound quality in music performance
  • Re

    Realize the importance of time and maintain punctuality in all our events.
  • Mi

    Music, melodious music all the way to your heart.
  • Fa

    Friendly relationship with you, understanding your musical need.
  • Sol

    Soul stirring music for all the age groups.
  • La

    Latitude in offering affordable packages in all the areas of music.
  • Ti

    Touch new horizons in music.

And DO touch your soul with the music of your choice...

SOUNDSGOOD provides you with live music bands, soft wedding music with voice and instrumental, Good classical music, Light music instrumental, Vocal karaoke, Karaoke instrumental all these by reputed performers in the industry.

We also have a music school by the name "MELODY GATES" where we train passionate learners of music and a music recording studio by the name "POSITIVE VIBRATIONS" where we create soulful music with infinite possibilities to reach all the desiring souls in the universe.

Music School & Studio

Melody Gates

A Music School with a Difference...
  • We are committed in teaching music for the passionate learners with the professional teachers in the best way.
  • New teaching techniques and individual care to guide the right way.
  • Right musical ambiance to keep your focus on the learning.
  • Periodic assessment and guidance.
  • We prepare students for the theory and practical grade exams conducted by The Trinity College of London.
  • Keyboard, Guitar, Violin and Vocal classes are conducted in our school.
  • Learning music the right way helps one in experiencing MUSIC Higher Deeper and Beyond.

Positive Vibrations

Recording Studio

Our sound studio is an unique blend of vision, precision and desire to produce Good Music at affordable rates.

Studio Services
  • High quality digital recording.
  • Compose fresh music for jingles/ albums/ films.
  • Co-ordinate with singers/ musicians/ lyricists and present them on-stage.
  • Voice over dubbing and editing.
  • CD duplication/ design & production of CD wrapper.
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